Feb. 10th, 2014

lavenderbard: (pic#4042576)

I started a while back to work on the next Era of Four Moons faction, which I decided would be the “Whites” because the borrowed art for the other remaining faction, the “Freemen” wasn’t nearly as hodge-podge and “just wrong” looking. I got as far as doing a couple base figures for the faction, one male and one female, before Across a Jade Sea took over my life.

Doing the base figures is usually the hard part, (at least, it is if we don’t mention animation), once you have them to work from, making the rest of the figures is just a matter of adjusting their pose and dressing them up different. So with Across a Jade Sea starting to lose its grip, I thought I was finally ready to get on to the easy stuff.

Then my programmer up and said: “I’ve been writing a campaign that features the Freemen, and doesn’t use the Whites. Could you…”

So it was back to the beginning all over again!

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