Mar. 12th, 2014

lavenderbard: (pic#4042576)

Because all these little pictures I post are for units in a game, and those units “level up” they often come in first, second and third level variants, as so:

Usually the units get more elaborate costumes as they go up levels, but on very rare occasions I do the opposite, as in this line of magic users who get increasingly consumed by their magic:

But fancier and better armored and so forth is what most often makes sense. Unfortunately, my game developer doesn’t think it’s working with the following set. He says that with the chest muscles covered up, the higher level versions actually look less “beefy” than the first level. OTOH, having higher level guards dress simpler and wear less protection doesn’t make sense either. ::sigh::

Edited to Add: That last set has been altered slightly since I originally posted this message due to advice from a friend. My game developer says it’s “somewhat improved”. But I don’t know that he actual copied the changes into the game.

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