Aug. 8th, 2014

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I’ve actually been doing remarkably well this summer… as compared to, say, last summer and the summer before that. I’ve been hoping this was because I’m stronger and fitter than I was last summer, but it might just be because this summer has been cooler, or something.

But although I’ve stayed pretty active (for me) for most of the summer, for the past couple weeks my energy levels dropped severely, and so I feel like I haven’t been getting anything done.

This is slightly illusory. I do get some stuff done, just not as much, and not the stuff I feel like I’m supposed to be doing. For example, I have set up worldbuilding databases for three of my daughters. The databases have places to store characters, events, and locations. And include the capability to show dates according to an imaginary calendar (assuming it’s not too complicated… no leap days, for example), to display character images on character sheets, to place locations on a map by clicking on it, to assign certain events and characters to certain stories, and to dynamically build family trees and personal timelines.

(This isn’t as impressive as it sounds… I already had created those capabilities for myself, so all I had to do was alter the website code I was already using, so that it would work for multiple people each with their own separate database.)

But even so, I’ve been spending far more time watching tv and playing solitaire than I’m really happy with, and it’s been a bit of a relief that I’ve actually managed to get work done on my primary project these past two days. Yay!

As a final aside, I think I’ve figured out why sometimes my post cross-poster doesn’t cross-post. One of my other plugins was conflicting. Apparently all I have to do to fix it, is to repost the post… but sometimes I forget. :(

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