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Apparently a while back I broke my online jigsaw puzzles. I had started trying to fix a minor intermittent problem that they had, got interrupted in the middle, and forgot to put them back the way they were. They are now back the way they were (I hope.)

I also added a few new awards to my Jewelwyrm game, the ability to enter them in races, and some user interface enhancements, like pagination for those players who have lots and lots of jewelwyrms.

I have been trying to arrange a mental list of most important improvements for the site to least important improvements, and ajax-ifying the space pirate digital paperdolls wasn’t very high on the list, but when I checked my usage stats I discovered that’s one of the most popular pages on the site. Does that mean I should make impovements as soon as possible, or that I don’t have to bother since it’s doing fine without?

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