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May. 7th, 2014 08:24 pm
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I got my new permanent resident card in the mail today. It was actually green–unlike my first “green card”, which was pink, and my second one, which was pale yellow. It also came with a pamphlet welcoming me to the United States. That made me chuckle a bit — I’ve been here for more than twenty years! But I guess it’s more bother than it’s worth to sort out which cards are renewals, and which are actually new.

The pink card is still my favorite, though, and I still carry it around in my wallet. I like it, not because of the color, but because it officially and with all due legality declares that I am an alien. (In big bold letters across the top!) I like to use it to pick up my badge at science fiction conventions.

Speaking of which, I will be going to Marcon this weekend. (I just hope I can get everything I want to get done really soon finished tomorrow, because I’m sure to be sick for all of next week. That’s the price I pay for revelry.)

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I used to try to get to two conventions a year, Marcon, and OVFF, but didn’t always make it to both. This year, I didn’t get to either of them. Next year that won’t happen again. I have just paid my membership fees for Marcon — they don’t give refunds, therefore I will be there barring an emergency of truly disastrous proportions. And I will be bringing my husband, and three of my kids.

Hopefully I will be at OVFF too, but one step at a time. Right?

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Oct. 28th, 2012 01:13 pm
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I very much enjoyed being at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival yesterday.

I listened to lots of wonderful songs and heard some performs I’d never heard before. I also bought Cat Faber’s latest CD (available at Cat Faber’s bandcamp page), which, for reasons unknown, my lap-top took exception to and I ended up having to load the tracks onto another computer, burn a new CD, and then feed that CD to my laptop. Go figure. Ah, well. The extra effort was undoubtedly worth it for the first track alone, let alone for the whole album.

I went to the convention planning to relax and enjoy and listen, so I didn’t bring any songbooks or instruments. But although I didn’t sing any songs, the manner in which I spent the stretch of time from when the awards banquet started to when the open filk got going, reminds me of a Phyllis McGinley poem I learned as a teen.  ”It isn’t that I want to hear My voice assaulting every ear, Uprising loud and firm and clear Above the cocktail clatter. It’s simply, once a doorbells’ rung, (I’ve been like this since I was young) Some madness overtakes my tongue And I begin to chatter.”

I think maybe next time I should try reverse this year’s performance: actually sing some of my songs, but not talk anyone’s ear off in the consuite.

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