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I consider myself a one book a year gal.

It took me a while to work up to that. For my first four and a half books I didn’t keep wordcount records, but according to my submission data this is my best guess for when I finished writing them:
1991 The Grand Abduction
1994 Harp & Gyre
1997 Rune & Fire
2003 Cantata in Coral and Ivory

At that point my records become more complete and my output became more consistent. The first draft completed dates for the next batch of books are:
2003-11-13 Talking With Winds
2005-02-14 Eyes of Infistar
2007-01-20 Pavane in Pearl and Emerald
2008-02-13 Dicing With Flames
2009-11-27 Sails of Everwind

Lately I haven’t felt very consistent, though. In 2010 I started writing a book, Lioness, that I got stuck on. I restarted it, but the reboot wasn’t working either. Near the end of the year I started a different book that ended up actually being three books…
2011-05-14 Across a Jade Sea (Serendipity’s Tide, Treachery’s Harbor, Fealty’s Shore)

Then I started Dancing With Stones, which didn’t stall like Lioness did, it just got pushed aside. Instead, I finished a graphic novel that I had been working on since 2006…
2012-01-13 Flag in Flames

Since then I’ve mostly been revising and getting stuff ready for publication rather than writing anything new. :(

But, in the years of 2003-2013, I did apparently finish ten books. And I did start working on Dancing With Stones again yesterday. As long as I do actually finish it this year, I am still on schedule. :)

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