Aug. 20th, 2012

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I haven’t been paying as much attention to the rest of the world (outside my family) as I probably should recently, because I’ve been absorbed with a project. I’ve been coding an online electronic pet breeding game (and creating the artwork for it), where you breed finger-sized dragons (called jewelwyrms) for color and pattern, much as people breed koi. (Except that my jewelwyrms are way prettier than koi.)

I was explaining the game concept to my girls, and when I got to the bit with the mutations, they sat up and said, “that’s new!” So my breeding game is special because it has mutating color genes. (I didn’t do the game because my concept was new or different, I did it because I got the idea, and then somehow it took over all my brain-space, and I couldn’t seem to push it out of the way, so I finally just said, ‘alright, already!’ and made the game. Now, hopefully, I have that idea mostly exorcized and will be able to think about something else again.

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